Experience ultimate relaxation thanks to the art of professional masseurs. Choose from our selection of massages and treat yourself to thorough relaxation and a clear mind.

Massages generally improve blood circulation and metabolic exchange, provide mental rest and quickly eliminate fatigue. They help maintain physical and mental well-being, and alleviate insomnia. For lasting effect and long-term good feeling, it is recommended to visit massages regularly.

Professional external masseurs ensure that you always leave as a new person, rested and full of energy and mental peace.

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage serves for overall body relaxation and clearing of the mind, for prevention and relief of stress, or for relief of mild back and neck pain.

Price 990 CZK / 50 min.

Foot massage

Foot reflexology massage is based on traditional Chinese therapies. According to ancient theory, energy flows throughout the body and is connected to reflex points on the feet. It can be said that every organ in the body has a corresponding point on the feet, which can be stimulated by massage.

Price 650 CZK / 30 min.

Aroma massage

Aromatherapy massage is a pleasant and fragrant relaxation combined with the healing effects of essential oils. It is a very gentle overall relaxation massage.

Price 990 CZK / 50 min.

Classic massage

The basic type of massage, in which the masseur, using massage techniques such as kneading, rubbing, friction, tapping, chopping, etc., relieves muscle tension and pain. At the same time, the massage relaxes the mind and gives the body energy.

Price 990 CZK / 50 min.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a massage consisting of a structured set of appropriate massage techniques designed to prepare athletes physically and mentally for a specific sports performance, or to relieve athlete fatigue and contribute to their recovery.

Price 1050 CZK / 50 min.

Before the massage

We recommend taking a warm bath or shower before the massage. This will warm up the body and relax the muscles. In addition, the body will more easily absorb massage products that often have healing effects. Massage is not suitable if you have a full stomach.

After the massage

After the massage, you may want to rest and relax for a while. Sensitive individuals may feel slight fatigue after the massage.

During the massage, the lymphatic system is activated, and toxins are released. Therefore, it is recommended to adequately replenish fluids (preferably with spring water) to help flush out these toxins from the body.

After the massage, it is advisable to stay warm to prevent the relaxed muscles from getting cold.


Our massage therapists are external, so we always have to check their availability. Write to us at or call us at our reception +420 607 123 115. We will be happy to advise you and arrange massages for you on a date that suits you.




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