Classic massage

Classic massage is good for muscle stiffness or weakness. Its intensity helps to remove lactic acid from the body, which is countable for the stiffness. Depending on the intensity, the massage is relaxing or reconditioning.

Price 550,-CZK / 30 min.

Relaxes the musculoskeletal system (head, neck, back).

Price 990,-CZK / 60 min.

Relaxes the musculoskeletal system (head, neck, back, chest, upper and lower limbs).

Before the massage

We recommend a hot bath or shower before the massage. This warms the body and relaxes the muscles. In addition, the body absorbs massage products more easily, often having even healing effects. Massage is not suitable if you have a full stomach. We recommend not to eat at least an hour before the massage.

After the massage

After the massage, you will probably want to lie down a little more, and relax. Sensitive people may experience slight fatigue after the massage.

During the massage, the lymphatic system is activated and at the same time there is an increased release of toxins. Therefore, sufficiently replenish the fluids (preferably spring water) so that these toxic substances are easily washed out of the body.

After the massage, it is good to keep warm to prevent from cooling the relaxed muscles.




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